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Saltwater Coral and Invertebrates

Live Coral for Sale in Southern, Nevada

Welcome to one of Southern, Nevada’s live Saltwater Coral retailer, Aquatic Treasures is your local source for unique coral frags! If you’re looking to buy livestock locally, you’ve come to the right place because we’re one of Las Vegas, Nevada’s most well-known saltwater fish & livestock stores. We are home to a unique selection of saltwater aquarium invertebrates such as live coral, Sea Anemones, crabs, shrimp, and other specimens. Whether you’re looking for a mature live coral specimen or recently fragmented and at the beginning of their journey, we have what you need at Aquatic Treasures.

Aquarist Tip: Anemone and Corals – The Cnidarians
We’ll start by explaining that anemone, coral, and jellyfish are all related. We broke them up into two different sections because of their body types. They are all from the Phylum Cnidaria. Comb jellies are a side step away from jellyfish. They are in the Phylum Ctenophora. They look similar but are different in some important ways.

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Aquarist Tip: Coral Invertebrates are within the class Anthozoa of the Phylum Cnidaria

Corals are marine invertebrates within the class Anthozoa of the phylum Cnidaria. They typically live in compact colonies of many identical individual polyps. Corals species include the important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans and secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton.