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Aquatic Treasures of Las Vegas, Nevada New Website

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Welcome to the New Aquatic Treasures Website and Social Hub

Welcome to the Aquatic Treasures brand-new website! We just wanted to publish our first post to let everyone know that we’re building an official saltwater aquarist and hobbyist culture. There are so many of us that love this unique and fulfilling hobby, and we want to become the official source where you go for news and information about the hobby ( which is more like a lifestyle). AQ Treasures invites everyone who hasn’t already done so, to sign-up for our newsletter. As we continue to grow, you’ll start to see what Aquatic Treasures has in store for our friends and valued customers.

Sign-up for Our Newsletter

Below you’ll find a form to sign-up for our news and information. If you’re as crazy about fish as we are, you’re going to want to make sure and sign-up. You’ll receive the latest sales and promotions, information about the industry, as well as information about the latest products to incorporate into your aquarium. Make sure to include your phone number and we’ll text you the latest in-store sales and promotions.

Aquatic Treasures Newsletter

Sign-up for the Aquatic Treasures Newsletter and you'll be joining Las Vegas, Nevada's premier community of saltwater fish & livestock enthusiasts.